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Economic Impact of the ADS - BAJR - 25th May 2012

The ADS has embarked on a major new JISC funded project aimed at quantifying the economic impact of the ADS on the entire archaeological sector. This is an important project in a number of ways, but in particular, it will be extremely useful to be able to demonstrate to funding bodies and depositors the economic benefits to users of having a freely accessible domain specific archive for research outputs.

Quantifying 'value perception' amongst users and depositors is a highly specialised task and the ADS are very pleased to be working together with acknowledged experts in the field, Charles Beagrie Ltd. and Prof. John Houghton of the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University in Australia. One element of the research will be a survey using techniques developed in the field of Economics asking users and depositors to make financial judgements about the value of the service (it is important to note these questions are hypothetical and do not reflect a change in ADS policy).

We very much hope we can rely on a good response from the ADS community to this project and to the questionnaire which is due for launch in early June. Please read more about the project at the ADS Blog:

or visit the 'Impact' project website on the ADS Research pages: