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A classic for caption - Misty - 30th April 2012

Conan the Librarian surveys his battlefield.

A classic for caption - CARTOON REALITY - 30th April 2012

Thank you Mr. Connolly, I can see it now
I'm imagining this was taken sometime around Easter - take a look at the way his head is tilted - I think he's just after crucifying someone and he's staring up at them saying 'Try gettin' down off that ya bugga.'

A classic for caption - CARTOON REALITY - 30th April 2012

I AM THOR, GOD OF THUNDER!! Has anyone seen my teeth?

A classic for caption - trowelfodder - 1st May 2012

Auditions for the new Dawn of the Dead film hailed a success. A star is born.........................

A classic for caption - JSA - 1st May 2012

"So Sanatogen, Dr Van Helsing?"

A classic for caption - Dinosaur - 3rd May 2012

"Extending this site grid up that mountain's going to be a b*****, only got one peg left...."

A classic for caption - Doug - 3rd May 2012

Have a undead Iron Age people problem on your archaeological dig?

David Jones, Vampire Killer*.

* will take care of other undead problems such as zombies, witches, etc. but pricing is different. Call 555-555-5555 for a quote.

A classic for caption - Unitof1 - 3rd May 2012

It started off as a rhetorical question about what's the point of brushing after stripping off the turf?
The answer involved laying facedown and the hospital extraction of a survey peg.

A classic for caption - Sith - 4th May 2012

If he doesn't stop brushing that soil I'll hit him again.

A classic for caption - Wax - 4th May 2012

In a momment of existential clarity John realised the new self assembly porta loo kit was missing a few important pieces and the instructions