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Illustrating Clay Pipes - BAJR - 17th April 2012

Illustrator Tom Small has created a workshop slideshow on how he went about recording Clay Pipes for the National Trust for Scotland

Thomas Small MAAIS MIfA, shows how he went about a single pipe, found during excavations in 2002 in the grounds of Newhailes House, a property in Musselburgh on the edge of Edinburgh. The pipe dates to approximately the latter half of 1850 - 1900: The 'TW' mark may have had different meanings, but could well represent the initials of the manufacturer Thomas White, who became sufficiently popular that others copied the mark.

As to the meaning of the hand on the side of the bowl, it is not precisely clear, but might represent the Red Hand of Ulster, since pipes featuring Irish designs were very popular in the Nineteenth century.


Illustrating Clay Pipes - Dinosaur - 17th April 2012

That's simple but actually surprisingly effective, full marks to the guy for putting it online :face-approve:

Illustrating Clay Pipes - Unitof1 - 17th April 2012

i liked the colour pictures, works well on the web.

Illustrating Clay Pipes - CARTOON REALITY - 17th April 2012

Vector based software is great for clay pipes, time-wise I'm not so sure about something like quernstones tho, the stippling can take an age, even with a tablet, recently have returned to using pens, then scanned as raster based then dropped into vector based to add outlines scales etc. Would love to try out a wacom cintiq - drawing directly onto screen - have heard it's possible with an ipad. Have any of your readers had similar experiences?

But yes, great to see these sorts of things online. All I manage is those dreadful cartoons.

Illustrating Clay Pipes - Unitof1 - 17th April 2012

Quote: time-wise I'm not so sure about something like quernstones tho
ahh splitting hares

both routes- straight to vector or raster vector are still trying to mimmic pen and ink illustrations and specifically pen and ink made by ilustraters for publication. What gets me about all "archaeological" illustration is that it should highligh primaraly archaeology but that this is just making and illustration look like it was made by an archaeologist. I would like to see illuistartions made by archaeologists to show archaeology. I found my first clay pipe before the age of five-they where a lot younger then. Since then I am still not sure what to make about them. Discuss

Illustrating Clay Pipes - BAJR - 18th April 2012

I am an illustrator and an archaeologist. I also like clay pipes. does that count?

Illustrating Clay Pipes - CARTOON REALITY - 18th April 2012

Quote:straight to vector or raster vector are still trying to mimmic pen and ink illustrations
And pen and ink is trying to mimic boxwood engravings, copper etchings/engravings, which themselves were more refined versions of wood cuts (etc.) and so on and so on until they're mimicking those carvings of daggers at Stonehenge (there was no scale bar on those - a sorry oversight.)
Still drinking the vinegar Unit?