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Training Delivery Officer - BAJR - 20th February 2012

Short turnaround advert

(long story!)

Good position.. pass it on

Training Delivery Officer
English Heritage
Closes: 23 February 2012

Training Delivery Officer - Unitof1 - 20th February 2012

go on tell us the story then

Training Delivery Officer - BAJR - 21st February 2012

Just involves an advertising agency that pays you the month after the month that you invoice them, and then forgets to pay, and then requires a statement of account for the prior months that gets paid at the end of the month.....
No payeee in advance... No further adverts

Looks like BAJR won. Wink

Training Delivery Officer - deadlylampshade - 21st February 2012

Why does that advert remind me of Pravda? (If anyone remebers what that was...)

Training Delivery Officer - Unitof1 - 22nd February 2012

Is it that the job seems to be some HR official voice of Soviet Communism you need retraining thought police because everybody who previously employed by eh is not communist trained enough.

Cant see what it has to do with archaeology or how anybody remotly connected with archaeology would be suitable although possibly somebody with hitler youth experience aka cba might fit the noose.

I wonder how eh come up with such a position?

Training Delivery Officer - gwyl - 22nd February 2012

Shocking behaviour. This is clearly political correctness gone mad driven by the health and safety nazis who want to take over our hard fought for and innate right to carry out tasks in an inappropriate manner or without any form of knowledge or training in the sure anticipation of achieving an end, come what may. The quality or validity of such a result is my intellectual property to do with what I want and the health and safety soviets of Fortress House and their running lapdogs of neo-imperialist political correctness do not understand that I and I alone own it. It's mine. Without the training in recognising residues, remains or any other stuff, provided by EH to archaeologists, both professional and amateur, at universities and other establishments across the country, I might get way-laid by the neo-communist academic whims of pettifogging bureaucrats and lickspittles of the bourgeois left who seek to undermine this country with their nazi policies of closed shop communist practices reinventing the wheel, which I thought up last week and is my intellectual property now.

I also think we need a codicil to Godwin for the invoking of Stalin, Soviet Russia, Marx, Communism, Fabians, LibDems etc