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BAJR archaeologist of the year - BAJR - 15th December 2011

In a shameless rip-off of CA's award BAJR would like to award the fieldworkers who YOU think deserve an award.

Let me know who and why... and we will have a poll the winner gets a special Tool Roll from Past Horizons
(thanks Maggie) This tool kit will be unique... no one else will have one like it.

So come on... let us know who and why... and lets get voting

They have to be field workers

BAJR archaeologist of the year - BAJR - 16th December 2011

First nominations are coming in...


give a few extra days and then lets vote....

Anyone you can think of?

BAJR archaeologist of the year - P Prentice - 16th December 2011

i vote dinosaur - cus i'm sure he will}Smile

BAJR archaeologist of the year - Dinosaur - 16th December 2011

Beat you to it :face-approve:

However, having just won a 'Dinosaur Excavation Kit' in the office Secret Santa (no joke!) I may have to take a sabbatical from archaeological fieldwork in order to pursue indoor palaeontological activities for a bit :face-crying:

BAJR archaeologist of the year - chiz - 18th December 2011

An interesting idea, but I always worry about competitions like this. In the CA comp I would vote for Tony Wilmott ?as I have worked with him and rate him as a real archaeologist who produces excellent archaeological work, but is still passionate about getting out and digging holes himself, and more importantly is still passionate about trying to improve all our lot- but I have to say I don?t really know the others so how can I judge? Should it be a popularity contest?

I wonder what I want to see in this ?archaeologist of the year?, what do I want him or her to represent? To have achieved? I guess as we all struggle onwards through the recession I would want it to be someone who was struggling on in good humour, so I will nominate a kind of Everyman as my archaeologist of the year:

I nominate the ?Unknown Digger? as a representative of all of those archaeologists who take pride in their job and do their job well despite everything. Who tries todeal with the present bleak situation in a positive way, and make a difference through their actions. Someone who thinks about what they are doing on site, how they are going about their work; someone who contributes to the team, and helps those who need training or help. Someone who acts as an archaeologist should, although it?s not always easy.

That of course suggests that the Unknown Digger has a job in archaeology, but of course regrettably he or she may not, and may never have one again.

BAJR archaeologist of the year - trowelfodder - 18th December 2011

Hear, hear Chiz that sounds like an ace idea

(tho in popularity contest Mr Tony Wilmott gets my vote xxxx)

BAJR archaeologist of the year - med - 18th December 2011

Valid point Chiz, I don't know any of the candidates. BUT Under Chiz's criteria I VOTE FOR BAJR!!!!!!!!:face-kiss: