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Back in the Game.... - Gaj - 28th October 2011

I'm not the most prolific poster here....given that I haven't worked in archaeology since being laid off in June 2009. I kind of fell out of love with archaeology after that for a while.

However I thought I would buck the employment trend a wee bit by announcing my return to the profession. Back into the consultancy game, and into business with a former colleague from the company that laid me off.

So, you might well be getting more postings from me now, as I begin to get back into the swing of having a life in ruins.

Back in the Game.... - P Prentice - 28th October 2011

good luck gaj

Back in the Game.... - deadlylampshade - 28th October 2011

Ooh...welcome back! I returned a year ago and I'm still here...justWink

Back in the Game.... - BAJR - 29th October 2011

good gaj. welcome back:face-approve:

Back in the Game.... - Gaj - 31st October 2011

Thanks chaps! Looking forward to it - it's got the fear factor of a small company, but the excitement factor of working hard for real rewards - rather than paying for the CEO to go golfing in Hawaii twice a year!

Sure I'll be pestering people for advice on legislation changes - so much has happened in two years absence!