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CBA Challenge Funding - BAJR - 19th October 2011

The CBA is very pleased to announce that CBA Challenge Funding is now open to applications for the remainder of this financial year and (in due course) for at least the next two years.

Since 1997 CBA Challenge Funding has been an important source for small grants of up to ?750 to help voluntary groups, societies and individuals carry out original and innovative research in their local area. Such projects have ranged from initiatives led by schools and small charities through to those organised by voluntary archaeology groups, and have covered a wide range of activities from the procurement of specialist analysis such as radio carbon dating, through to the purchase of specific equipment to help a project achieve its aims.

CBA Director Mike Heyworth said:

"It is really good news that we are able to offer CBA Challenge Funding to support research within the voluntary sector. Often the grants >we are able to offer make a key contribution to the successful delivery of a project, and can also help to attract additional financial >support from other sources. We are looking forward to supporting some very exciting projects over the next few years!"

Information about how to apply, as well as the application form, is available at the CBA Challenge Funding page ( . The CBA also lists other grants and awards open to archaeologists and the voluntary sector listed at

CBA Challenge Funding is kindly supported by a grant from English Heritage, and hence the scheme currently runs in England only. It is hoped to expand the scheme to cover Wales in the coming months, and Historic Scotland is willing to consider direct funding for projects in Scotland.

CBA Challenge Funding - Unitof1 - 20th October 2011

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CBA Challenge Funding - Unitof1 - 21st October 2011

[SIZE=3]Voluntary [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]groups and societies, but also individuals, are challenged to put forward proposals for innovative projects hat will say something new about the history and archaeology of local surroundings, and thus inform their future care. Proposals will be judged on their intrinsic quality, and evidence of capacity to see them through successfully.

First and foremost, the panel is looking for original research. Awards can be to support new work, or to support the completion of research already in progress, for example by paying for a specific piece of analysis or equipment.

In principle, almost anything that is directly related to the actual undertaking of a project. Examples of what could be applied for include equipment, drawing and photographic materials, scientific dating, travel for historical research, or environmental analysis. There is also the potential to support innovative ideas for disseminating project results.

The following are excluded from CBA Challenge Funding:
salary costs;
publication production costs;
projects taking place outside of England (until further notice due to current funding stipulations);
work arising from courses in higher education, such as dissertations and theses, and retrospective awards for work already arried out.

Furthermore, the scheme is primarily designed to encourage research, so proposals which are essentially to do with promotion (for example new guidebooks, displays, or exhibitions) will normally fall outside the scope of CBA Challenge Funding.


So all you archaeologists out there get stuffed but it seems to me that getting yourself a metal detector would suit the criteria all the way to the ground.