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1950s Houses - can you dig it - 6th October 2011

Hi folks, is there any EH Guidance on the recording and or protection of red brick semidetached houses of the 1950s. Got some that arnt listed or of interest to the HER but don't want to dismiss them out of hand as an asset. Cheers

1950s Houses - trowelfodder - 6th October 2011

You could search their publications database at

But i'm with you on this - the importance of post-war housing is often overlooked without proper attention being paid to how it shaped our lives today. We have two surviving rows of the prefab or "tin can" houses where I grew up but so few are left now. Have you contacted the Twentieth Century Society for advice they were specifically set up to preserve built heritage from 1914 onwards so are worth disscussing things with. And dont forget you can always put something forward for listing if you think it is important

1950s Houses - Wax - 6th October 2011

I think you would have to look at them in terms of local significance as there are an awful lot of them around. If there was something a bit special about them in terms of architectural design or materials that might justify logging as an historical environment asset. Are they part of a deliberately planned and designed development? Would piecemeal demolition or extensions and alterations detract from the overall architectural environment? We are loosing a lot of C 20th buildings of quality because they are seen as no longer fit for purpose and the somewhat brutal design qualities of some do not fit with the current aesthetic (Preston Bus Station). I love the post war pre fabs but they are really not suitable for modern living, that being said some should be preserved and if possible they should all be recorded before demolition.