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Building Archaeology - draw - scan - photo ? - Wax - 4th October 2011

Like field archaeology there is the need for the specialist analysis and that would be where the Architectural Historian would come in. Buildings Analysis may be a better term than Buildings Archaeology but the essential skill is that of being able to unravel the "stratigraphy" of the building the ability to undertake a measured survey and understand the architectural development are specialist elements that aid the fundamental process. To me the ability to understand the sequence of events is the key skill which lies at the heart of archaeology and buildings analysis.

An archaeologists who undertakes building analysis needs a working knowledge of architectural history and to know when to call on the specialist. The architectural historian looking at a building may not have learnt the mental models needed to look at the structure "stratigraphically" this is the advantage an archaeologist has. I like working with architectural historians and have learnt much from them but I have noticed that in general they do not see the little details that give the clues to the order of construction.

Building Archaeology - draw - scan - photo ? - Dirty Dave Lincoln - 4th October 2011

Once the photo/drawn record is done you might need to to take into account that parts of the building (windows, doors etc) could have been re-used from elsewhere; some of the surviving Med Churches in Lincoln have bits from Churches that were pulled down. So, research in the buildings history can be essential for understanding.

Building Archaeology - draw - scan - photo ? - Dinosaur - 5th October 2011

Best fun is excavating standing buildings with a digger (and then having a big arguement with the main contractor about who gets the resulting re-saleables), but apparently I'm not allowed to do that any more, something to do with H&S :face-crying:

Building Archaeology - draw - scan - photo ? - Doug - 5th October 2011

Soon enough we might be using kinects (yes, from the X-box video game system) to scan and record buildings. here is the video.

edit- so I can't seem to get the video to work but here is link to a post where I did get it to work-


read Dougs link! but also here is the vid!