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Diggers' Forum AGM - sadie - 28th September 2011

It's a bit late notice and I apologise for that but if anyone is planning on going to the IfA AGM on Monday 3rd October we are having our DF AGM in the morning as well.

Time: 11am-12pm
Place: Society of Antiquaries
Business: usual AGM stuff really, election of Committee, discussion of the year's event and AOB (general free-for-all)

The IfA AGM is at 4.30pm, so we will be retiring to a local cafe for more of the same. If we go to a pub for 4 hours then it may get messy at the AGM later, although that could be entertaining...?

To be followed by pub in the evening no doubt.

Apologies again for the horribly short notice, but any DF members should have received official notification from the IfA by now and Chiz has been mentioning it on the Facebook page for ages as well.

Hope to see some of you there