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Suffolk Archaeology Cuts - gonetopot - 25th August 2011

Will the Suffolk Record Office and Archaeological Unit become...

'a single community interest company'?

Its been on the cards for a while but is nontheless a very worrying development. The Archaeological unit maybe squeezed out by competitors, but that still alot of experience getting canned or replaced by volunteers. And if the record office is downgraded in any way, suddenly all the requirements of DBAs and the research material available fade to nothing.

Looks like a huge step backwards.

Suffolk Archaeology Cuts - differentcolourmud - 30th January 2012

For what its worth tomorrow is last day for public comments on the proposals for the outsourcing of curatorial and records office in Suffolk. Not necessarily a cuts programme as such, or that worrying (if done properly could be pretty good?), but still needs emphasizing to the council etc how important such services are to ensure that any trust is properly supported.

Suffolk Archaeology Cuts - kevin wooldridge - 30th January 2012

Thanks differentcoulourmud for reminding us of the imminent deadline

I (as an occasional resident of Suffolk) sent my response to the consultation several weeks back. It will be instantly recognisable as the one that writes over the back as well as the front of the consultation pages!! I also volunteered my self as being available for further interview if the council wanted to hear more of my views on this subject!!

But on a more serious note the proposed closure of the three regional records offices in Suffolk (Bury, Ipswich and Lowestoft) and their amalgamation into a single location somewhere west of Stowmarket would be an absolute disaster particularly for researchers who are less than mobile or whom lack their own car. In addition it would dissipate a vast wealth of local knowledge built up by the exisiting offices. Suffolk at present does not have a computerised central records system and although that is 'promised' as one of the benefits of the proposed reorganisation, there is little evidence in the consultation that this can be achieved without a huge increase in resources. The exact reverse of the intention of the review in my opinion.

There is some talk in the consultation of the proposed amalgamated service using surpluses generated in one division to support the services of the other... this seems to be a throwaway comment plucked from some generic 'business plan' software programme rather than having any basis in reality. As most users and employees know full well, if any of the county council supported heritage bodies in Suffolk were generating significant surpluses, the county would not be so keen to get shot of them!!

Will keep BAJRites informed of any developments as I hear of them....especially if they take up my further consultation offer!! (Can't see it myself...!)

Suffolk Archaeology Cuts - Unitof1 - 31st January 2012

Dont worry Kev they have introduced evaluation as the first stage intervention in suffolk and as you know you dont need a her to do an evaluation. I hear that in some districts the case officers produce the briefs- no curator needed.