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Diggers' Forum survey on away work travel - BAJR - 21st April 2011

As you should all know the Diggers' Forum has been carrying out a survey of away work and travel in British commercial archaeology. The survey is relevant to anyone working in UK archaeology who works on site -even if you don?t work away from home- so please take the time to fill out the survey, and pass it on to friends and colleagues. The survey should take between 15-30 minutes depending on how much you want to say.

The more of you that fill out the survey the better our understanding of what the current state of play is, and how things can be improved for all of us. The survey will be running for a few more weeks and we hope to get a report out to you in the Autumn.

You can find the survey at or on the DF webpage


Kathryn Whittington BA MSc AIfA
Membership and Services Coordinator