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Campaign? - pdurdin - 14th April 2011

While "Mortimer" may suit the campaign's requirements for a not-so-obscure-or-meaningful-but-still-has-archaeological-associations name perfectly, it does not have the ring it needs. Plus any name which means -- at least in part -- "death" is probably not a good idea. Wink

That said, any name will probably function so long as it captures the public's imagination in the right way. Have you approached any people with experience in advertising, marketing, or PR?

Campaign? - deadlylampshade - 14th April 2011

If we go on like this we may as well call it Hydra...which is the problem we have as an "industry"...too many organisations doing their own thing...

As Dr Grantley says in Trollope's 'The Warden':

'For heaven's sake, don't let us have division in the camp,' replied the archdeacon: 'let us have a long pull and a strong pull, but above all a pull all together; come warden, come; don't be afraid of your duty.'

Campaign? - Wax - 14th April 2011

As far as I can see there is no division on the forum we all agree the name stinks though the campaign is worthy. Now to see the true nature of the campaign instigators are they listening will they take note or go their merry way Wink

Campaign? - Misty - 14th April 2011

I've just trawled through the first 22 pages of 'Mortimer' on Google and no mention of Wheeler so I gave up. John Mortimer, lots of place names, Isabella of France's lover, Reeves and Mortimer etc but no mention of archaeology so I don't think the public will immediately get the reference. Might as well call it 'Mick' or 'Phil'. }Smile

Campaign? - deadlylampshade - 14th April 2011

Misty Wrote:Might as well call it 'Mick' or 'Phil'. }Smile

Wash your mouth out!!!!!!!!:0:0:0

(But good point about the google search...)

Campaign? - troll - 15th April 2011

I attended an interesting lecture last night hosted by a well established (1970s) Archaeological Association. Before the main speaker was invited to the stage, the chairman presented the usual society `admin` address. The savage cuts to Local Government Curatorial staff has meant that the organised excavations of this group have been curtailed and have ceased altogether as a direct result. So...not only are these cuts responsible for unemployment in the archaeology profession (at a rate around three times the national average) but they are effectively denying community and amateur groups the opportunity to take part. Of course for me- my overriding concern is the potential for the "big society" to change the face of planning requirements as we know them and result in unprecedented carnage for the finite resource. That said, archaeology and heritage in the community has always had an important place in the greater scheme of things-and so it should. Any `campaign` that we collectively envisage and in whatever form that may take-should consider the already established and long-running community groups who clearly are falling victim too.

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 15th April 2011

I have to agree with troll here... Archaeology is losing out all too fast.

Campaign? - deadlylampshade - 15th April 2011

troll Wrote:Any `campaign` that we collectively envisage and in whatever form that may take-should consider the already established and long-running community groups who clearly are falling victim too.

I would say that they were essential to the support and success of any campaign...there are some incredibly influential people lurking in these community groups who may appreciate being mobilised as equals to "professional" archaeologists.

Campaign? - Andy B - 15th April 2011

A couple of clarifications and some thoughts and a challenge...

Yes, we want input from across the whole sector; BAJR, RESCUE and CBA members, individuals who care about heritage, the past, archaeology and the environment all have a contribution to make and a voice which needs to be heard- that is what this initiative is all about. However, I think the most useful input is in defining the campaign issues and proposing strategies for dealing with the perfect storm we are all facing.

I go back to 38 Degrees- that name and concept was a project and no-one had heard of it until it was launched. The point was the site and project was created in such a way that people could take the idea and the issues and run with them, perhaps without even having to think that the support was there to bind it all together. It now operates as a successful and influential, democratic voice. I am not aware anyone feels it was foisted undemocratically on an unwilling public by the individuals and organisations which set it up.

Simailarly the Mortimer concept was put together because we wanted to get past first base as quickly as possible and give people who care the mechanism and resources to get on to the real issues which is the campaign, without having to worry too much about how. It might be possible to do it better, probably is in an ideal world, but the point is it has been done and it is ready for people, for you, to make of it what you want.

And yes, there has been advice from both people with training and experience in both marketing and political campaigning and in branding and designing commercial and political web sites. The conclusion was that outside of our archaeological beltway, the name, while not perfect, has the potential to gain traction with the public for all the reasons I outlined in my earlier posts i.e. it is a package and a product, not just a strap line or a slogan, important though those are. It is the whole deal, a campaign and the mechanism to run a campaign.

It is not perfect and will not please everyone, but then what will. As we have seen with Mortimer, any name could become an issue.

I could say we will call it Picard or perhaps Jean Luc, as said character was an amateur Archaeologist as well as Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

I would also float the questions as to what cute, furry, tufty, twee Meerkats have to do with selling a Price Comparison web site, or a stereotypical male, English nationalist Bull Dog have to do with selling car insurance, or even for that matter why associate a stripy faced mammal with a committed, lively and outspoken archaeological resource site and forum? Bajar is the warring planet on Star Trek Deep Space Nine...

In the end, as has been said in other posts, this is to big and too important for any one person, forum or organisation.

So in that light, let's park the name discussion for a bit to allow me to pose a question and a challenge about the campaign...

If we [BAJR, Mortimer, our colleagues in the other organisations in the sector] can begin to provide you with the infrastructure and logistical support to campaign locally and nationally for the issues we all care about...

What would your strategic aims for the campaign be?

What will you personally commit to do to help the campaign?

Andy B

Campaign? - BAJR - 15th April 2011

I think people are ready for the campaign. WE are primed and ready. The campaign as you and troll and others say are important.

The worry of people is the stumbling block. It is best not to split the vote before it starts, but that seems to have happened. I have yet to see anyone here who supports Mortimer. I would like to here anyone who has said yes this is a great name.

So there are two choices... hard choices. It ends . Or it does not.

How sad if it ended over a name. sad but true. there is so much in this that makes it worth supporting. And we better bloody hurry up. Meetings, Funding, Cooperation

fingers pulled out

ps the Meerkat is a clever play on the compare the market (meerkat) so there is a connection