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Campaign? - Boxoffrogs - 14th April 2011


Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

iHeritage could be our Archie App for iPhones or iPads?

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

Possibly a stupid question but... why don't we have a link to the other description/thread?

Campaign? - Jack - 14th April 2011

"...brothers we should be struggling together."

" We are struggling together"

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

^^ What is this in reference to?

Campaign? - Boxoffrogs - 14th April 2011

Vive la revolution!

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

*totally confused*

Campaign? - BAJR - 14th April 2011

By the beasted buttock s of hell... no no and by the obvious sword of Excalibur... no again Wink

Campaign? - Wax - 14th April 2011

Excalibur . Now there is a campaign name . Where is the once and future king when you need him?
( I do know about Agatha's archaeology connection)

Campaign? - moreno - 14th April 2011

Sadly, I'm afraid "Mortimer" is not a name I can support. Surely a more creative name could have been used, such as those appearing in the various posts in this thread. I am imagining the hamstringing of the message before it has a chance to garner support. The name HAS become the topic and the message is getting lost in the commentary. AB's presentation is no longer the brain storm I thought it was. No longer does it seem like a solicitation for imput, rather the opposite, a decision made and foisted upon those whom are being asked for support. I'm greatly disappointed.

An advertising agency listens to the client, the client knows (should at any rate) his target audience. Smile