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Campaign? - Wax - 13th April 2011

Spot on Troll.
The campaign needs teeth and needs to project a harder more grown up image. I am sure there are lots of marketing types out there who could offer advice.

What ever name is eventually chosen I will support the campaign but my heart does sink at the thought of "Mortimer" Which make me wonder how the general public would see it

I think most of the alternatives suggested have far more bite

Campaign? - BAJR - 14th April 2011

Here is what my latest rambles come up with.
A non-negative campaign is the best way forward, however, the diversity of the campaign makes it tricky. Museums, Curators, societies, Organisations (big and small – voluntary and professional) archaeology, history, environmental, etc….
Heritage seems to be an accepted word that covers everything from Natural Heritage to Built Heritage to plain old Heritage. So all bases covered. Hence the loveHeritage concept banner.
Looks like a York meeting is receding and we have several campaigns under way already.
Southport :
RESCUE : (but then by definition this is what they do anyway
The Archaeology Forum Why Local Authorities need an Archaeologist
IfA : - for example IfA fights for retention of historic environment services
The Day of Archaeology 2011

And on and on.

One place is required to bring it all together.
After talking to people from xxxxxxx (Enviromental company about pay and condition in the Gardening world, and how they want to use BAJR Grades as a template for the horticulture industry - seeing a great similarity in profession and perception) they put me onto this
Financed as a start up by Kew, National Trust, English Heritage Royal Botanic Gardens, Colleges, and the Institute for Horticulture. - you see where this is going.
IF English Heritage, Historic Scotland, CADW, NIE, National Trust, National Trust for Scotland, Museums, IfA, CBA, Archaeology Scotland, RESCUE, IHBC, BAJR, Past Horizons etc. all putting money into a portal that promotes HERITAGE in general. Not my bit or your bit but the whole.

With feeds, then the content can amalgamate and share everybody’s information, and include resources
Whats on:
Who is doing What?
Careers in various sectors.
Job advice
Educational opportunities (short courses to Uni degrees)
Volunteer opportunities
Campaign advice plus sharing what is under threat where… to mobilise the members.
A collaboration of everyone....

Time to step away from MY WEBSITE – MY INFORMATION. Especially as it is the whole point to share and enthuse people.

Visibility is the key. So internet is fine, facebook, twitter.. blah blah… BUT posters, downloadable resources on how to stop a local museum closing or how to support a council curatorial section. How to make Heritage a political issue.

loveHeritage : I do!

Money for a project is almost essential – a volunteer run campaign will fail.
To the thorny issue of Mortimer - As a possible subgroup then it could work, but to start with it… disaster. Plain and simple. As Andy says, there is room for both, but to go with this will honestly kill the campaign before it starts. Currently there are no local groups no Mortimer’s and who the hell is going to join a group called Mortimer. ? Who is going to run this? This is time investment on a large scale.
There is much to argue for … but the same arguments work both ways.

Wheelers Character: This is about branding. Lets call it Atilla then
He is a southern DWM: he may have been born in Glasgow, but shall we say, he certainly never walked the street of Polloksheils Wink

He provokes reaction among archaeologists… perhaps we are too close… but put it this way. I would not join a group called Mortimer… seriously… not a chance. Nope… no way. I would feel like a complete twat.
Asking groups to activate is good, but really… again who is dealing with this, and ensuring the communication, and making the press releases and… and… and.

Give something solid to get behind… give people something useful… give people information… and give them the ability to support in the way they want.

So… in a nutshell.

Website : Opportunities for career advice, Courses and volunteer opportunities, days out and events, a diary that makes the UK (and I stress the UK) look like there is so much going on, that it is a massive constituency. Downloadable resources on how to start a group (even a Mortimer Group) how to campaign, how to write a press release, how to contact an MP, a councillor.
Viral campaigns on You Tube, Facebook Twitter ( though it may be we are hoping too much! But you never know)
News Coverage
Cooperation.. information sharing and high profile in public eye


Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

... Who the hell is Mortimer?

Campaign? - BAJR - 14th April 2011

I rest my case :

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

*shrugs* I have to be honest, loveHeritage makes far more sense! or Hindsight!

Campaign? - Sith - 14th April 2011

Wax Wrote:Might as well use Agatha (as in the creator of Miss Marple & co) Probably more people have heard of her

Although far fewer seem to be aware of her enthusiasm for archaeology or her marriage to Max Mallowan. She took (admittedly a fairly peripheral) part in his excavations at Tel Brak and Chagar Bazar in the late 1930s and even wrote an interesting (non-fiction) book about it.

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

Please tell me that was Sarcasm??

Campaign? - Sith - 14th April 2011

Betts_Fan Wrote:... Who the hell is Mortimer?

I understand his friends called him Ric. :face-stir:

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

*may have just laughed out loud*

:face-approve: Nicely done!

Campaign? - Betts_Fan - 14th April 2011

We could of course call it 'Magwilde'? :face-stir: