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Campaign Message ? - P Prentice - 1st April 2011

for me - legacy

Campaign Message ? - Misty - 1st April 2011

Hindsight? (It's a wonderful thing!)

Campaign Message ? - Wax - 2nd April 2011

Challenge. ( in every meaning of the word)

Campaign Message ? - P Prentice - 4th April 2011

Misty Wrote:Hindsight? (It's a wonderful thing!)

genius - this just might be the perfect campaign name and slogan

hindsight - its a wonderful thing

Campaign Message ? - Archaeological_Fan - 7th April 2011

I second (third?) Hindsight.

Campaign Message ? - troll - 8th April 2011

1. Government: First they hid their crimes-now they bury our heritage.

2. Government are expert at burying evidence without trace.

3. Archaeology becomes slogans and flags when it suits politicians-when it doesn`t, archaeology becomes waste.

4. Archaeology: The voter is our corporate lobbyist.

5. The cost of ignoring who we were will be counted in what we become tommorrow.

6. Consume, conform, obey-forget who you really are.

7. Your past is dead: Long live Tesco.

8. Investing billions to mould the future of other nations-destroying the past of our own.

9. Bank and ditch or ditch the banks?

10. Ring fencing and henges are circular arguments.

Campaign Message ? - Jack - 8th April 2011

I am pleased that some organisations are heading in the right direction of raising public attention to archaeology and the threat to it.

There is one thing that the 'powers that be' fear........and that is the press.

Not sure on the current state of the Thornbrough Henges / Tarmac argument, but the press involvement was crucial to stopping that idiot letting Tarmac quarry right up to the henges on the basis of a few evaluation trenches.

Campaign Message ? - Boxoffrogs - 8th April 2011

I like Hindsight (Hindsite?) too....Now hwere did I put my rose tinted specs...

Campaign Message ? - Betts_Fan - 8th April 2011

I also like Hindsite (Hindsight), sums the campaign up!

Campaign Message ? - BAJR - 8th April 2011

How are people with loveHeritage it is a website available as well