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March against the Cuts - the take from my Union - BAJR - 23rd March 2011


That's the word being used by many working in the voluntary sector to describe the budget just announced by Chancellor Osborne.

There has been no additional funding announced to offset the ?4.6bn cuts made to the voluntary sector last November. In effect, the sector has had 40 per cent of its funding cut.

With so many jobs on the line and critical services about to be cut, we can't sit back and let this happen.

Will you join us in London - or on Facebook - at the March for the Alternative this Saturday 26 March to stand up for our society?

[INDENT]YES - I want to learn more about attending the march.

NO - I can't attend in person, but I want to join on Facebook.

[/INDENT]Here's a summary of what the budget means for the sector:
  • No additional funds announced for the voluntary sector (still a ?4.6bn shortfall)
  • Corporation tax is being reduced by 2 per cent in April
  • A new scheme where Gift Aid can be claimed on small donations, up to a total of ?5,000 a year per charity without the need for donors to fill in any forms, will be introduced.
  • If you leave 10 per cent or more of your estate to charity, then the government will take 10 per cent off your inheritance tax rate.
People are traveling from across the country to be at this historic march to oppose this budget. You can find your local transport to the march, plus other details on the Unite website:

Whether you're joining us in London or virtually from home, you can follow all the action of the March on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope to see you on Saturday - and look out for the Unite balloons where thousands of our members will be marching together.