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Geotagging archaeological sites - IndiJones - 19th September 2010

Thought this might be of interest to your subscribers. You can geotag archaeological sites at

How to geotag? Register, login, then click on geotag archaeological place in top menu. After that you are taken to a new screen. Enter the title of the archaeological site you wish to geotag, and content in the section below the title. In the icons you will see a PIN icon - click on this and find the archaeological site - YOU CAN DRAG THE POINTER TO THE EXACT LOCATION OF THE SITE - select the type of map you want to use (e.g. hybrid/close view) and select insert, the select Publish in the main page. That's it. You can Geotag as many archaeological sites as you wish. New geotagged sites are automatically sent to timetrekkers @ twitter and facebook, and published on a daily virtual Timetrekkers news paper at

Also, there is a link to BAJR in the links section of

All comments welcome.

Cheers, and hope this is useful for some.