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Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - mpoole - 15th September 2010

I've removed the post above until it can be evaluated. Stating an opinion is one thing, but suggesting illegal activity is going on is another thing entirely.


Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - BAJR - 15th September 2010

Interestingly, some detectorists, and a person who makes replicas, is asking some searching questions about this find... including provenance and construction... for example the griffon, it is suggested ... does not look as if it has anything to do with the helmet.

Most interesting... though I am sure the PAS would not make a mistake

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - Madweasels - 17th September 2010

Anyone got an update on this? Have you got a summary of the concerns of the detectorists and restorer, please Bajr? I hear that there are discrepancies between BM comments made in July, emphasising a Cumbrian findspot, and recent comments by PAS stating that they only discovered the provenance from the finder in August. What is going on here? Have the BM and PAS been duped somehow into giving this thing provenance and credibility, and masses of free publicity, thus upping its value?

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - Silent Bob - 17th September 2010

Interesting how the papers have said it might fetch between ?300,000 and ?500,000. It is very attractive, but it was found in a lot of pieces and put back together. Christie's website estimates a price of ?200,000 -?300,000. I also note that Christie's sold another parade helmet in New York in 2005. It is not quite as good looking as this one but appears to be complete and in its original 2 parts. It sold for $102,000. A lot of money but it was only 5 years ago, can this one really be worth so much more?

As for the griffin, I haven't found a picture of a helmet with one of these but most of the 'Phrygian cap' style helmets appear to be a bit broken at the top and so you cannot tell what may or may not have been there.

As usual see this website for lots of brilliant Roman military stuff that makes me jealous.

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - BAJR - 17th September 2010

Talked to a FLO the other day, and they are quite happy with provenance... will see if I can find out more.

The Griffon is indeed of interest, but there is no reason why it does not belong there...

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - northerner - 20th September 2010

Its just a shame that Tullie House (the local ''county'' ish museum) has had to resort to setting up a justgiving page to get donation to attempt to keep it in our area, where everyone can actually see it, rather than it disappearing off into some private collection, as someone local, I'd rather it stayed in county. Shame really that it doesnt class as treasure and that it's so out of context. I just hope Tullie house does get it, can be the star attraction in their new Roman Gallery!

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - Dinosaur - 20th September 2010

Always the danger that if Tullie House get their hands on it they (and everyone else) can get a proper look at it and sort out some of the doubts expressed above?

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - Unitof1 - 21st September 2010

Quote:[SIZE=3]?Talked to a FLO the other day, and they are quite happy with provenance?

based on what. What evidence have they got for its provenance?

Surely from an archaeological view point this object should always have a question mark against its providence. I would take this further and suggest that any museum which would consider that it should waste its funding on acquiring and conserving this object rather than archaeology found in an average watching brief should be held in contempt by archaeologists.

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - Madweasels - 21st September 2010

I kind of agree Unit. I have always been uneasy about the public money going to the PAS, when archaeological records and finds get no direct public funding, as far as I know, for their long term care. Not that I think the PAS money should be stopped - far from it - but I think that records and finds from provenanced, stratified locations and with associations should take precedent. I sometimes think that, as far as the politicians are concerned, money to PAS equals "job done, thank you, and you archaeologists can stop bothering us for more!!!".

Metal detectorist to auction Roman helmet - Dinosaur - 21st September 2010

At the risk of Unit thinking he's suddenly become popular....eerrr....I agree as well.... :face-approve:

You'd think if someone was gonna spend half a million quid on an old knackered hat (even if heavily repaired and buffed up recently) they'd at least want to know where it came from before handing over the dosh, or are collectors just gullible? Has anyone ever had the chance to check the authenticty of the last hat Christies sold or is there the danger that that was knocked up in the same garage somewhere?....could explain why the handiwork's getting better - practice?