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Evaluating urban sites - Oxbeast - 27th July 2010

Yes, it's definately unethical, its just not illegal. It would certainly be outside the code of contuct of the IfA as there is an obligation to publish, and is therefore more likely to be carried out by the more ethically challenged contractors.

Evaluating urban sites - Dinosaur - 27th July 2010

Winding up in court would be slightly more inconvenient than falling out of favour with IFA methinks? Getting well into the territory of 'intellectual rights' anyway, it's not my knowledge to disclose, it's entirely in the land-owner's ball-court, fraud if any would be from how would any potential purchaser know to come and ask me anyway (this was best part of 20 years ago, I believe), and I've certainly got no way to know if anyone's planning to buy it - time for a reality check? Am now aware of something not dissimilar down in the Midlands in IFA-stronghold territory, so as I suspected it's not an uncommon occurrence...

Oh, and by the way, wasn't my project (or anyone else working here), I merely know about it so don't go measuring me up for a cell just yet! :face-approve:

Evaluating urban sites - Jack - 27th July 2010

Slightly related, although in the world of ecology, is a story I heard from a planning authority friend about a big housing construction company. He had refused them planning permission because the land they wanted to build on contained a very important wild meadow. The company hissed and spat......then came back after talking to their solicitors saying that if they bought the land, as the landowner they could plough it, destroying the meadow and thus getting round the problem. My friend was powerless to stop them.

I'm guessing similar loopholes exist in archaeological planning rules, farmers deep ploughing, driving over earthworkse etc.

Evaluating urban sites - kevin wooldridge - 27th July 2010

Sorry Jack - not true if the site is designated a SSSI.

One would imagine for a LA to refuse planning on the grounds of a 'very important wild meadow' that the site would be designated which imposes a duty upon the owner to maintain the SSSI. Ploughing I imagine would not fall within that remit and a land owner who knowingly ignores the management plan for a SSSI can be subject to an enforcement notice to repair or remediate damage .....I will see if I can find you a link describing SSSI and their legal status....

Here you go: