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Dodgy knockback from Prospect - troll - 9th July 2010

At the Prospect national conference, Carolyn McAllister called upon the NEC to mount a marketing and public relations campaign to raise awareness of the values of the heritage industry. After an impassioned plea, the motion failed and was "remitted". NEC speaker Charles Harvey saw the impending spending review as the priority and said that a specific public relations campaign would be "very resource-intensive" adding that "Prospect cannot write a blank cheque for any one group of members".

"When the impact of spending cuts was known, the union would have to weigh the interests of the 5,000 heritage members who would be involved against the interests of all members affected by cuts".
Thanks Prospect.

This from a union who spends around ten million of their fourteen million income on staff wages and rent.

See Profile issue 4 July 2010 pages 17 and 26.

Dodgy knockback from Prospect - BAJR - 10th July 2010

To be fair... Carolyn McAllister did try... To be unfair.... it is to be expected.

Dave Allen from Prospect is expected to attend the Unionisation meeting in Nottingham on teh 31st July. And as such will be be questioned about this... I expect they will say they tried and so can't do any more... I will argue... WE can... We can jointly create a campaign... WE (and by that I mean PROSPECT, UNITE, UNISON, IfA, BAJR, CBA Archaeology Scotland) a concerted non partisan campaign that is unified and to the point... if we all do it at the same time, using all the means we have... then we can. Perhaps it is good... as no one group can act now without the support of the whole. (5000 heritage members..? )

Dodgy knockback from Prospect - Extrowelseller - 10th July 2010

Why should we think that Prospect would help us in a time of need? Like all Unions they are only as good as the membership.
We, as an industry do not have the power that we we think we do. If we down tools, so what? A large yellow machine will just move in anyway, the fine for non compliance of a planning permision? One day very soon developers are going to realise that, as in Northern Ireland, it is cheaper to trash the place than employ archaeologists...

A ConDem Govt that has just killed road building for two years shows no regard for our sector...I know, I am one of its first victims...

Dodgy knockback from Prospect - BAJR - 11th July 2010

And therefore.. this membership must be strong.. Rather than asking others to do... we should be getting off our own arses. some of us are... but we all have to take the small steps.

As you say... the cuts are coming, are here... and they will affect us.

We can as a group stand there and watch with transfixed resignation... OR make enough noise.

Good luck Extrowel... you will find other places I know it