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New online HER database for Wales launched - Archwilio - BAJR - 2nd July 2010

New online database which the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts have been working on for a while and which went live today.

It is a step forward for them, however, I hate to say it, that it does not really allow too much in the way of research or flexibility. (honesty is best policy)

I can't look at sites in an area through polygon searching, the sites are point data, the map is tiny, and I can't be sophisticated, where I can build up layers of information... such as known ROman roads and known Roman forts as well as Prehistoric defended settlements.. (for example. ) then I can look at the distribution and relationship on the map.

I am not meaning to be overly critical, as it is a good step... I would just like to see a system that meets the needs of the user, rather then just a data dump with a pretty face.

Quote:The system gives access to over 100,000 records maintained by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts. The Minister observed "Wales is the first country in Britain that has made all its archaeological records available online " and " Archwilio will be a tremendous asset not only for the people of Wales but also for those further afield who have an interest in the rich archaeology and cultural heritage of our country". He added that he was delighted to see independent organisations developing systems that will contribute towards addressing some of the aims set out in his The Welsh Historic Environment Strategic Statement, published in 2009.
Be your own judge though...
I note they have a little pronounciation button... which just makes it worse! Call me childish, however the great British public does have a tendency to do the same :face-kiss:}Smile

WHat are your thoughts... hits the spot or not?

New online HER database for Wales launched - Archwilio - deadlylampshade - 2nd July 2010

Well this is quite timely, thank you hosty, as I am doing some research into Luentinum (Dolaucothi) the site of the gold mine in Wales so I have looked at this with interest.

Huge plus is that the main site is in English...I had been hearing disturbing rumours of requiring Google Translate to read it.

The GUI is basic but usable (the green may make me feel billious over time, but lets not get too picky...someone has put a lot of effort into this!).

Another huge plus is having all of the reports that exist in one place in a schedule of its own.

Not sure I like the filtering...if I type in Luentinum I get one report for the site thought to be the fort, if I put in Dolaucothi I got 79 reports of all periods (no filter put on for trial purposes!) but if I put in Dolaucothi and select the Roman period there are 12 reports, but not all of them mention Luentinum which was, after all, the Roman name of the site not the later Anglicised/Welsh name for it.

A yellow spot appears on the mapping representing each report, and as one clicks on the report, it moves to the next yellow spot identifying the area...sometimes. The map will either slide to the spot, giving you a good indication of the relationship between sites or, rather annoyingly, just hop across to it and you need to zoom out to appreciate the relationship.

Biggest gripe is the mapping...sorry. The report may give the NGR on it but there is no OS mapping to find a place by grid yourself and the resolution on the aerial mapping is not of a good standard either. WYSIWYG.

Overall it will be useful from the reports point of view but frankly I am still going to have to go to Wales with a map and my NEW PROFESSIONAL SIGHTING COMPASS (from Past Horizons) to find the bits I want...if they are not on private land...