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A curiousity - med - 27th June 2010

Today I noticed the BAJR script in the Currently Active Users block that

There are currently 90 users online. 5 members and 85 guests

Most users ever online was 815, 13th May 2010 at 08:15 PM.

What happened at 8:14pm May 13th to bring 815 BAJRites to the fold? Where were you on the night in question? I am curious

A curiousity - BAJR - 27th June 2010

I have an alibi... I was here... but damned if I know what happened... my only guess was a concerted spam attack that the security foiled :face-huh:

A curiousity - deadlylampshade - 27th June 2010

I bet it sure in hell wasn't a rave!

A curiousity - BAJR - 27th June 2010

ah.. you missed the BAJR new years party... a terrible amount of fun and frolics in the virtual disco...

A curiousity - deadlylampshade - 27th June 2010

Something along these lines??

Video broke!

A curiousity - deadlylampshade - 27th June 2010

ok...this is really annoying me now...

A curiousity - Odinn - 27th June 2010

Most of the "guests" are bots from search engines, so when you see 815 guests, that is actually when the bots are going into overload.

A curiousity - Dinosaur - 28th June 2010

Did you ever work out exactly how many multiple avatars Jack was running?}Smile

A curiousity - BAJR - 28th June 2010

yes.... and where you are all from, when you joined, who you joined with etc. and when you go home to a new computer as well I have a complicated backend (ooooer missus)

But yes... it will be bots..

Multiple identities are not allowed, as it is not good form.