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Issue 12 May 2010 Adventures in Archaeology - BAJR - 6th May 2010


Fabrika Hill - Cyprus

Fabrika Hill is a natural outcrop representing the north-eastern corner of the ancient city of Nea Paphos, Cyprus. The Australian excavations on the south of Fabrika have revealed a theatre constructed around 300 BC and used as a venue for performance and entertainment until the late fourth century AD.

Tomba della Scacchiera - Sardinia
Diego Meozzi of Stonepages describes how a visit to a Sardinian farmhouse led to an astonishing revelation by the owner. A late Neolithic painted tomb had recently been discovered nearby but instead of telling the world, the archaeologists who found it chose instead to quietly seal it up.

Quest for the Truth - England
The story of how an English local archaeological society challenged convention and set out to discover the true route of a Roman road.

Videography in Archaeology
Anies Hassan discusses the merits of using videography to promote the public face of archaeology..

Welsh Prehistoric Rock-art Tradition - Wales
Welsh rock-art until recently has been poorly understood due to a lack of systematic research. Now, however a growing number of people having joined the recently formed Welsh Rock-art Organisation and are making exciting new discoveries.

Hungate - England
The York Archaeological Trust is half way through a five-year project that has already provided training for many students and volunteers. We take a look at their progress..

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