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The future for RAE's - YellowMike - 28th April 2010

well Gill's predicament has brought to the fore an echo of a former thread.

the research assessment exercises':
- what they are worth (the paper they are written on)?
- what scoring could mean for employment?
- whose who?
- whose going to benefit from these issues?
- what can make these into credible learning experiences to be considered training?
- who should we contact?
- who has any ideas?
- how do you tell the difference between the right words and the right actions (if it were ever so simple)?

and so over to...............................u

big soc

The future for RAE's - BAJR - 28th April 2010

an interesting thought, and you have obviously thought about this, so what are your views?

The future for RAE's - YellowMike - 28th April 2010

If we want archaeology to take up its role as a member of a community to build in a sense of belonging and community identity, then we must really address this issue on a personal level.

At the IFA conference, a session brought to the fore the issue of a responsible proactive member that will be actively considering the role and use of archaeology or heritage works to be incorporated into any kind of vision that a community may have.

We must really take a sense of reality when we think of the politization of the field in an occult like manner.

This is especially the case where national issues become devolved and evolved into local communities and the issues that most address local or commutable economies.

As archaeologists we are all too often ready to move across the country to work where we must, but now we must consider the issue of engaging with commitment to local action and involvement.

we must engage and consider the implications of that involvement, but also that we must take this as an opportunity to take forward an industry with a diverse and inclusive approach to the form that an evolving and developing industry must take given the regionally different opportunities that can be made to place the countries heritage at the centre, whether the commonality be based geographically, or on hereditary connection.

But as always this will come at a price.

This price will be based upon the standing and relevance to the excellence of international studies in the area.

We must take this step and walk into a very different world, where we must consider ‘what the important issues are that need to be addressed within our studies’ and pursue those roles and affect that change, which would leave that mark beyond the classical career-ship approach to our respective fields.

This is the time, this is the place and the ground lies beneath our feet.

Now we must make our choice and take those steps into the future and the careers that we would and can make a difference to for the future of these industries.

The future for RAE's - YellowMike - 29th April 2010

we are already talking about the issue of behind closed doors policy making in politics as areal problem so how does this weigh up in knowing the whose who and keeping hold of all the FAB(ian) levers, for the trading of those horses.

times a ticking and we really must consider the implications of academics purely holed up within research institiutions, let alone the research groups and centres.

we will have to rely upon old connections and networks to build up the basis for any given opportunity.

this is fine and necessary to get started but into the future this will have to be brockenm and change for the broader inclusion into thestudy of the nations public beyond its current relms.

The future for RAE's - Austin Ainsworth - 29th April 2010

Is it just me or were the last two posts completely baffling? I think they had something to do with community engagement but I'm not entirely sure. As a community heritage officer I'd like to respond but unfortunately haven't got a clue what you're trying to say.

The future for RAE's - YellowMike - 29th April 2010


the thread rather than the intellegabiltity of subsequent threads please.

lets not loose touch before the start

The future for RAE's - Jack - 29th April 2010

No, me too. I need a translation please

The future for RAE's - YellowMike - 29th April 2010

someone is editing my posts without leaving an editing notation

which is not funny

most notable are the back room that this implies

The future for RAE's - RedEarth - 29th April 2010

Perhaps not editing them enough.

The future for RAE's - YellowMike - 29th April 2010

im being serious red earth