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Indus Civilisation - Ask the Expert Forum - BAJR - 13th January 2010 is running an 'Ask the Expert' forum for two months until 31st January 2010. This is your chance to learn the latest about the Indus Valley Civilization directly from an illustrious panel of Indus Valley experts including
Asko Parapola, Iravatham Mahadevan, Richard Meadow, Shereen Ratnagar, Rita Wright and others.

Ask your question and participate in discovering this remarkable civilization.

To ask your question, please post it on the facebook page (link below). As a guide, questions can be on one of the following topics, though any serious question is welcome. Please try to make your question as clear and specific as possible.

Answers will appear at in February-March, 2010. (eg not on the facebook page which is for posting questions only. Ask away!)

Possible topics for questions:

  • Origins of the Civilization
  • The people of the Indus Valley
  • Technology and Skills
  • Governance and Daily Life
  • Indus Script and Language
  • Internal and External Trade
  • Urbanisation and City Architecture
  • Decline of the Indus Civilization