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Archpeople - Reggie - 5th June 2006

Apparently a 'relevant archaeology degree' is required so that rules me out of joining them. Sad

Having relevant commerical experience is 'desirable', not a requirement. Doesn't make sense.

What I have is a first class honours degree in history (which included about a 3rd archaeology modules) and 5 months commercial excavation experience.

I'll have to contact them and enquire further I suppose.....

Archpeople - drpeterwardle - 5th June 2006

I think Kevin has a point about what the responcibilites are when a sub contractor is used.

Can we keep the discussion generic? At present there are reasonable explanations.


Archpeople - drpeterwardle - 5th June 2006

As I have said there are gliches in the web site which will be corrected. So can we discuss issues related to employment rather than scrutinise a proto web site word by word.

Peter Wardle

I am trying to dig the archaeological site known as my garden.

Archpeople - garybrun - 5th June 2006

Make sure you record everything to a 10 figure grid reference Peter Big Grin
Recording OUR heritage for future generations.

Archpeople - drpeterwardle - 5th June 2006

Actually Gary I do record the location of the finds - but only to [u]+</u>1 m. This is more than sufficient for minor pieces of flint in topsoil.


Archpeople - Sparky - 5th June 2006

You can come and dig my garden, if you like Peter?[:p]

Archpeople - drpeterwardle - 6th June 2006

I will reply to the last email on the just for fun thread.

Dr Peter Wardle PhD MA BSC
Head Consultant
The Archaeological Consultancy

Archpeople - deepdigger - 6th June 2006

Sorry folks but I just cant see this archpeople thing getting off the ground!


Archpeople - Real Job - 6th June 2006

Something that came up on another thread is the concept of 'responsible post holder', a member of the IFA who either runs or is in a position of responsibility within a company or other institution.

In the case of a non-RAO that is nonetheless run by a member of the IFA (I think that this is quite a common situation) that breaks the IFA rules, is the IFA member held accountable for this?

Obviously this has a bearing on the case that is under discussion here, but presumably might also apply in cases where an institution, eg, pretends to be an RAO, etc, etc.

I would guess that there are a lot of companies out there who are not RAOs, but nonetheless have members of the IFA in the senior positions since some curators seem to insist on this. Can't they be held accountable?

Archpeople - gumbo - 9th June 2006

Any news on this?