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Congratulations - indy - 25th February 2006

Congratulations to Mr Hosty for his newly awarded MIFA. Will his newly acquired status make him adhere to IFA rules? In in the past he has publicaly and privately run campaigns against individuals, behind his self appointed status as guardian of everything archaeological.. All strictly against the IFA 'Code of Conduct'. Or maybe this means nothing.... ?

In one case (at least) he has gone as far as writing to all units 'warning them off the individual concerned'.

In each and every case, to my knowledge, the IFA has not investigated or even been consulted.

I am sure that I will be stuck off and banned from this web site for raising such questions but shouldn't the goal posts be the same for all??

questionly yours??

Congratulations - troll - 25th February 2006

Indy-greetings.It goes without saying that we can`t possibly comment as you have raised issues that could only be addressed by Mr Hosty himself.I can comment however on your assertion that Mr Hosty functions within a "self-appointed guardian of everything archaeological" type world.It is my view that without the endeavours of David and his team, UK archaeology would still be lounging in the dark corners of the 19th Century. There is an extremely attractive list of achievements that his team should (in my view) be very proud of. I suppose the most important contribution that Mr Hosty has made is this-we now have an open forum.Of equal importance is the fact that through his endeavours, the views of those who choose to offer opinion on here are now taken seriously by those holding the cards of change.I see no issue with any perceived duplicity in Mr Hosty`s Membership of the IFA and his role as web host.The IFA have no guidelines relating to websites and-(as far as I am aware) the website has no intention of tendering for work in a commercial environment.In fact-I am quite hopeful that Mr Hosty`s Membership of the IFA will bring benefits all round.It has to be said that an individual has the right to write to any unit they choose and offer an opinion.At least someone is stand-up enough to do something constructive.As Mr Hosty is away, it is not for me to provide you with an answer to your post.With deference to my fellow moderators of course....I see no obvious breach of BAJR AUP and will not be editing or removing your post.

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)