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Digging in Cyprus - medi-evil - 13th January 2006

Digging in Cyprus in a couple of months, any travel/digging tips on what it is like out there?

Digging in Cyprus - Penfold - 13th January 2006

Having lived in Cyprus twice, for a total period of 5 years I feel I can comment on what it's like over there, though I came back in 2001, so I have no knowledge of what it is like since they adopted the EuroSad
The people are very friendly, like anyone if you treat them with respect you will have no real problems. The climate is great, though extremely hot from around Mid April through to the end of October. If you are going over around March this should give you chance to acclimatise before the thermometer starts to climb. Just remember all the usual Sun Safety tips, Sun block, Wear a Hat, keep a shirt on and of course Drink Plenty of water, especially when working, rule of thumb is a litre per hour at least whilst working, I've seen plenty that havent followed these simple tips and it aint pretty.
The food is fantastic, try too eat at places where they have a lot of local customers, this usually indicates good food and good prices.
Limmasol, Ayia Napa etc are like your usual British Saturday night in town multiplied by X (X being factored on what month of the tourist season it is, July and August being about 10). In all honesty the only unpleasantness I ever encountered involved drunken British tourists, and believe me the Cypriot Police crack down hard, and be aware they will, almost inevitably take the side of any locals who may be involved in a fracas, road accident etc.
As far as digging and the Archaeology, well apart from the ground being like digging concrete, the archaeology is some of the sexiest you are liable to experience. Complete ceramic assemblages are commonplace for example. I spent a whole summer digging in 2000 and had some stunning finds, worked ivory discs, copper alloy jewellery, a single gold earring of Late Cypriot Bronze age date and more complete ceramics than you can shake a stick at, so just go out there and enjoy.
Troll has been over there more recently than I so hopefully he can update you a little better. Hope this helps a bit?
I'm officially jealous as hellBig Grin


Digging in Cyprus - troll - 14th January 2006

Huzzah! Lived there for twenty years and worked out there three times in the last year-am a greedy git.All depends on who you work for and where.For tips/hints and cheats-e-mail me! May cost you cream eggs though....

Greetings Penfold!

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Digging in Cyprus - Orkynowot - 18th January 2006

I can tell you the weather wont be to hot but will be fine for diging, and the people are friendly. Fairly expensive living costs but as anywhere if you can find people in the know they will know the cheap places.
Dont trust the taxi drivers.

where in cyprus are you digging?

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Digging in Cyprus - garybrun - 19th January 2006

I lived there for 3.5yrs in Dirinya and also met my Norwegian wife there were i worked as a Professional singer..
The thing that impressed me about the Cypriots was their respect for the family. Also to be included in that family was a great honour.
Miss my times there... will go back again.
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Digging in Cyprus - sniper - 20th January 2006

only been out once, attempting to sort out the results of a previous excavation. absolutely loved the island and the people and I'm trying to find any excuse to go back again.

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Digging in Cyprus - deepdigger - 1st February 2006

After this weeks weather in Wales, Cyprus sounds like heaven!