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Bronze Age Kilns - BAJR Host - 7th October 2005

Just been asked about Bronze Age Kilns.... now heres a question for the weeekend.... any refernces, knowledge, books ... sites pics etc about them would be appreciated. A bloke near where I live wants to build one and do experiments... and I would love it to work so I can take my YAC club to a firing.... (this month they are coming with me on a Mesolithic Hunt and Gather.... no wearing of Deer Outfits though)

So ovr to you oh gargantu brained ones.....

Another day another WSI?

Bronze Age Kilns - drpeterwardle - 7th October 2005

This is a bit of a Britarch question.

Kilns for what? Pottery was fired in small fires. See the bibliography in my BAR. Firing pot in this way is quite a laugh and very easy. The Expirimental Firing Group did lots of this in the eighties. It was run by Annie Woods of Leicester

I dont actually know of any kilns of this date.

It was a standard part of the Bradford courses to cast bronze axes great fun.


Bronze Age Kilns - BAJR Host - 7th October 2005

Still waiting to join Britarch Again (I unsubscribe when away) so if you could do the honours I would be grateful.

I told the guy that I felt it was mostly Pit fired, as I could not think of any other known kilns... but I wondered about domed turf kilns? thanks for info

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Bronze Age Kilns - drpeterwardle - 7th October 2005


The book you want is Prehistoric Pottery Production which discusses all the UK evidence.

Its a bit dated now but I suspect little has been added. Will ask on Britarch.


Bronze Age Kilns - BAJR Host - 8th October 2005

would kiss you if it was not against my own AUP

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Bronze Age Kilns - gumbo - 9th October 2005

Speaking of B Age kilns, im currently excavating a tablet shaped thing with fired earth at one end that might be B Age. Now, this thing is about 1.5m north-south, 0.6m east-west, 0.4m deep (but truncated). The in situ buring is def. in a patch just at the north end and the south end could be more flue-like rake out. Question: I dont feel this is enough firing for a kiln but are there ovens that are just used for a firing or two that people know about.

Realise this description is vague so if anyone thinks they could help and want me to e-mail them a piccy then drop me line.



Bronze Age Kilns - troll - 10th October 2005

Does it have to be British BA examples only?