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Arch Union - Digger - 16th May 2005

There has been much said about the IFA and various unions.
New thread is should we as archaeologist try to establish our own teeth kicking ( by that I mean results orientated and a bit more aggresive in getting things done) type of union to push the IFA and other organisations (one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or spend most of their time on designing a pretty magazine. Fighting fund for issues such as Trolls.).

Arch Union - troll - 16th May 2005

I think that a "Union" in the strictest term would be debatable of course, but would`nt an association of some description be more workable? I look forward to hearing from Chris Clarke and wish him and the group well in their endeavours! It would be nice if the IFA would listen to the workforce.Surely, an open dialogue can only be a good thing. If we could be at one of their meetings-what would you ask to be discussed?

Arch Union - deepdigger - 16th May 2005

if i could be at one of their meetings i would ask about:
1. decent pay rates.
2. guarenteed contracts
3. who the f*** put you in charge