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XMas Redundancies - Dirtytrowel - 29th November 2004


It seems pretty commonplace amongst a lot of units to lay off their staff over the christmas holiday and then re-hire in the New Year. Sound familiar? It might happen to a lot of us, but it shouldn't happen to any of us. New legislation has been introduced specifically to stop this kind of thing happening to temprary workers, which includes many archaeologists working on short term contracts (or no contracts).

If you are laid off or are going to be laid of the christmas then let us know by posting a reply or sending me an email!

Thanks for listening!

XMas Redundancies - lucy78green - 1st December 2004

I know of a company that does this, but they're Irish so probably not convered!


XMas Redundancies - Digger - 1st December 2004

Ahhh, the joys of Irish tenure! Don't know of any UK mobs doing this but know of a very loyal Irish lad that has been given the Xmas boot by the same company over the last two years!! You'd think he'd learn.

XMas Redundancies - Becky - 4th December 2004

I'm currently working for a unit on a contract that was due to finish on the 24th December. When it became clear that the site wasn't going to be done by then they offered us a small 'retainer' to come back on the 3rd January on a new contract. Is this legal, or should they have just extended the original contract?[?]

XMas Redundancies - BAJR Host - 5th December 2004

depends if you are employed or self employed......

XMas Redundancies - Dirtytrowel - 5th December 2004

As I understand it, if you are employed by a unit (regardless of whether you have an actual contract or not) they cant lay you off over christmas. Not sure about self employed though - i guess that wouldnt be covered. Still waiting for some kind of official confirmation about the legal side of things though.

As far as Irish companies go, when I was working there it seemed that noone ever saw a contract. If you work for an Irish company for more than two weeks full time, you are counted as a permanent employee, and under Irish labour law have all the statutory rights afforded to other workers. I heard this from a friend studying in Dublin, and as far as I know its true! Also... Remember that the Irish governmnet give you a 150 Euro tax credit for working outdoors!! Much fabaled but it does exist.

Thanks for your replies about xmas lay offs, we might be onto something!

XMas Redundancies - lucy78green - 6th December 2004

I never heard about that tax credit thing! I never had a contract ever except when working for a university excavation unit. I think in Ireland many companies avoid giving people contracts unless they can't help it. It doesn't help that the pay slips are unintelligable, you know that money is being taken off for PAYE and NI but the figures are all gobbledigook


XMas Redundancies - BAJR Host - 8th December 2004

I have also posted a Poll on BAJR asking about Xmas redundancy.

You can fiind it at


XMas Redundancies - Mole - 8th December 2004

A few years ago a Unit Manager tried to lay the site staff off over the Christmas hols and re-employ us on the 2nd of Jan. A mass revolt soon put a stop to this though as the Unit was quite busy and he was told in no uncertain terms what he could do with us coming back after Christmas. Thankfully the manager is no longer in Archaeology but not before he made plenty of other howlers.