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Make a Planning Frame - BAJR Host - 11th January 2009

for those that asked - and may be of use to local groups as well... cost is around 40 quid. but boy is it great.. I use it myself.

Any other guides like this.. feel free to suggest... it fun!

Past Horizons Tools.. it's not just about selling.. its about the sharing. http:

We are also hard at it.. locating some of the suggestion from the other thread... and part of the new service, will be helping source materials and equipment.. and putting you in direct contact. (at no cost)

enjoy. :face-approve:

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton

Make a Planning Frame - chiz - 11th January 2009

Nice one, looks good, and simple to fabricate.
A small suggestion: Use fishing line (fairly heavy duty coarse line) instead of 'string' as it will stretch over irregularities in the ground, rather than breaking/staying taut, so you can always get that frame horizontal. Dunno if your 'construction line' stretches or not.

I made some frames once with 'legs', again so could always be horizontal without having to use bricks/buckets etc to prop up corners. Essentially a small clamp fixed at each corner holding a vertical steel rod (grid peg) which you can slide up and down til frame is level, glue a mushroom cap on the top end of the peg to avoid complaints from Bovis.

Painting the frame alternately red and white every 100/200mm helps identify where you are in the grid, along with two-tone string (although I don't know f you can get different coloured fishing line).

Make a Planning Frame - Ken Denham - 12th January 2009

A cheap way to build one on the hoof is to go to a local plumbers merchants and buy 4m of 22mm plastic overflow pipe and 4 22mm plastic 90 degree bends. Measure it up, stick together and apply string/fishing line at the appropriate distances.

Make a Planning Frame - BAJR Host - 12th January 2009

wibble factor high... sounds good though... getting the exact 1m square.. is that a problem?

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton

Make a Planning Frame - Oxbeast - 12th January 2009

wibble factor...I'm certainly using that in my next meeting. "Yes, but what is the wibble factor associated with that methodology?"

What I've used before as planning frames is the welded steel grids which are meant for concrete reinforcement, 1m square with 20cm subdivisions. They have the advantage of being indestructible (well, unless moxy runs amok), but you do have to get busy with a file where they have been angle ground from a bigger sheet. Slight spikiness. Also, not quite as flexible over uneven surfaces compared to string.

Make a Planning Frame - BAJR Host - 12th January 2009

and pretty heavy! I am getting too old for that weight thing!

the wibble factor is inverse to the amount of certainty present in the room.. thus there is an increase in wibbility during crisis of confidence... you see if I am wrong! Smile

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton

Make a Planning Frame - monty - 12th January 2009

Concrete reinforcement utilised for planning frames has been banned on H & S grounds on several sites to my knowledge !!!

Make a Planning Frame - Ken Denham - 13th January 2009

No problem in getting a 1m square, all you do is measure from the edge of the pipe facing inwards. I knocked one up on a job a couple of months ago in about three quarters of an hour. Another plus is that you can easily dismantle it for transport/storage. Once you've got your strings set up mark where they go with an indelible pen then when you reassemble it you don't have to re-measure the distances.

Make a Planning Frame - Ken Denham - 13th January 2009

Oh, and if you want a bit more weight to it to cut out the "wibble" factor fill the pipe with sand/gravel etc.

Make a Planning Frame - BAJR Host - 13th January 2009

Shall I write another one based on this design as well... with the corner pieces, is there an exact measurent of plastic tube.. ie 97cm.. to get an internal 1m measurement? and I take it you don.t drill just mark and tie?

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton