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Decent Gloves for site? - andy.bicket - 25th November 2008

Working near Inverness a few years ago, it was -11C for quite a while, the thermal liners (£1 from the local wholesale, Highland Industrial Services - a truly magical place for field equipment!) were a must, but require something sturdy over the top and constant tiger-balm maintenance of your hands regardless.

I believe you can get gloves with two layers of warm fuzzy stuff with a windproof/waterproof membrane in between instead of the thermal liners, dunno where from though Sad sounds magic.

Having said that, there were no gloves I found that would fulfill all the needs for different jobs on site (digging vs writing) and survive feeble scraping at the 6 inches of permafrost. The rubberised, cuffed gloves were not bad for waterproofing during digging, then simpy taking them off for writing and delicate jobs with the thermal liners seemed to work pretty well!

Although, wrestling with the bloody things to get them off keeps you warm Smile!

Decent Gloves for site? - BAJR Host - 25th November 2008

This may also sound sad... but my mother used to make me a thing we called the battle-paw..

basically she knitted a long fingerless glove, with a hard leather patch on the palm, with a shammy leather over patch, and then shammy leather stiched onto each finger, and the thumb .. ended up looking like a paw! , got wet, but kept on going.. good wool, and good m,aterial, plus.. er a good mother! a few people were lcky enough - and she made paws for them too..

I wore them in temps of -10 and in pouring rain... still here!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton