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Culture Wars: Conference: Cambridge - BAJR Host - 23rd November 2008

Culture Wars: Heritage and Armed Conflict in the 21st century
Thursday, 11 December to Saturday, 13 December
Location: The Fitzwilliam Museum/Gonville & Caius, Stephen Hawking Building

Closing date for registration is 5 December 2008. Fees range from £20 - £60.

• How does the nature of 21st-century conflict bear on immoveable heritage?
• Are international conventions appropriate to recent scenarios?
• Why are sites destroyed and to what ends?
• Is intervention ethically justifiable?
• What are the appropriate uses of expertise?
• Does the intensity of the contest over heritage open paths to reconciliation?
• What new approaches to knowledge sharing can help bridge divides?
• What is involved in stewarding culture in a post-ownership world?

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."