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New Mills & Boon series - monitor lizard - 8th September 2008

It's obviously true - archaeology is the new black in the world of entertainment. First the almightly Bonekickers, and now the stunning relevation that the new - ahem - adult series of Mills & Boon fame features:

Breezy Malone, the heroine of the Spice line's Spies, Lies and Naked Thighs, who will swap her archaeologist's trowel for the leather corset of a covert FBI sex agent and set out to seduce the terrorist behind her incarceration in a Middle East prison.

I couldn't possibly comment.....


New Mills & Boon series - diggingthedirt - 8th September 2008

I prefer her sister, Windy Malone, an undercover sex agent for MFI. See here for the latest kitchen sink drama...

New Mills & Boon series - Weegie - 8th September 2008

Good grief ML. Is this something that you're going to suggest for your book group?

Resistance is futile. Your project documentation will be MoRPHE-compliant.

New Mills & Boon series - trowelmonkey - 8th September 2008

"staid archaeologist's garb" Do they really know us?[:I]

New Mills & Boon series - John Walford - 8th September 2008

Perhaps 'staid' is a typo for 'stained'? That would be closer to the truth :-).

"Hidden wisdom and buried treasure, what use is there in either?" (Ecclesiasticus ch20 v30)

New Mills & Boon series - Curator Kid - 9th September 2008

Presumably she's not a very good "covert" FBI sex agent, if she's incarcerated in a Middle East prison? :face-thinks:

New Mills & Boon series - gorilla - 9th September 2008

Sounds all very Lara Croft to me.

New Mills & Boon series - historic building - 9th September 2008

I feel a career change coming on (to be a bad writer, not a fbi sex agent).

New Mills & Boon series - Gog - 9th September 2008

FBI sex agents - Is this related to the revelation that during 9-11 the FBI had no email capability, and were reduced to faxing each other?


New Mills & Boon series - Curator Kid - 10th September 2008

Mr. Hosty, I reckon this should be added to the BAJR Bookshop list! :face-approve: