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Who gets to Speak in Scottish Heritage? Haud yer Wheesht, Wumman!

An informal collective working is gathering evidence on representation in the heritage sector in Scotland.

They have devised a survey aimed at all lovers of heritage – whether professional, volunteer or enthusiast and from community group, museum sector or commercial and academic archaeology. This survey is anonymous and it should only take 5 minutes of your time to complete and so we would be grateful if you could circulate this survey around your own networks too.


They’ll be discussing the results of the survey and from 2 – 3.30 pm, 18th September as part of Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival Zoom webinar. The event aims to promote a wider discussion around who gets to speak, and who has to ‘haud their wheesht’ in heritage.


Haud yer Wheesht, Wumman! Who gets to Speak in Scottish Heritage?

 A panel discussion examining who gets to speak about heritage in Scotland, looking at the perception of women in the heritage sector

An expectation of equal representation of gender within professional heritage sector networks has become the norm. While occurrences of male-dominated conference sessions are yet to be consigned to history, confidence to openly highlight disparity has grown. Can the same be said about the public perception of women in the heritage sector? Introduced by a short lecture, the panel will discuss who gets to speak about heritage in Scotland. Has the public image of women in heritage become tied to heavily worn tropes? Is public engagement reliant on image, rather than expertise or skill, for women in heritage? Does popular media exacerbate this issue by encouraging pervasive stereotypes?

Panel members: Ingrid Shearer (Glasgow Building Preservation Trust), Dr Tara Beall (Protests and Suffragettes), Loretta Mordi (Museums and Galleries Scotland), Dr. Saqib Razzaq (Colourful Heritage) and Graham Forbes (Up Next Studios)

We hope to see you virtually there!

Ingrid Shearer,
Dr Natasha Ferguson,
Karen Mailley-Watt,
Dr Alan Leslie

If you would like to stay in touch and hear more about the results of the survey, please give consent and provide your email address here: (opens in a new window). This form is independent of your survey responses.

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