This new volume is based on a session from the 2012 TAG conference (Liverpool University) and includes papers delivered at the conference and others submitted subsequently.

Contributors are drawn from both academic and commercial archaeology and the diverse range of subjects is intended to help to bridge the unfortunate gap between some of the sub-disciplines which constitute archaeology in its broadest sense. Papers include:

  1. Pots as Things: Value, meaning and medieval pottery (Ben Jervis),
  2. Vehicles for Thought: Terrets in the British Iron Age (Anna Lewis),
  3. Addressing the Body: Corporeal meanings and artefacts in early England (Toby Martin),
  4. All form one and one form all: The relationship between pre-burial function and the form of early Anglo-Saxon cremation urns (Gareth Perry),
  5. Plates and other vessels from early modern and recent graves (Beth Richardson),
  6. Not so much a pot, more an expensive luxury: Commercial archaeology and the decline of pottery analysis (Paul Blinkhorn),
  7. Tradition and Change: The production and consumption of late post-medieval and early modern pottery in southern Yorkshire (Chris Cumberpatch),
  8. The organisation of late Bronze Age to early Iron Age society in the Peak District National Park (Kevin Cootes).

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The new, published version is updated, and has data gleaned from grey reports showing that the number of reports by RAOs not adhering to the curator’s specs and the IfA Standards has increased over the last decade or so