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Period packs to be provided by FAME

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Archaeology trade body FAME is to provide all its members with period packs.

The trade association for archaeology in the UK and Ireland, FAME – the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers, has teamed up with the Seeing Red project to provide all FAME member organisations with period packs – the size of first aid kits and just as important. These kits contain essential supplies to deal with menstruation for archaeologists out in the field or in the office, from packs of tissues to waste bags to various types of tampons and pads. These packs help employers and individuals to deal with issues of menstrual health and hygiene on sites, as well as contributing to tackling period poverty. This is the first time an archaeological representative body has taken the step of providing such packs to its members. 

Seeing Red is a menstruation revolution for archaeology, fieldwork and heritage industries.

Run by archaeologist Amy Talbot, the initiative is promoting better menstrual health and hygiene on sites, equipping staff with the confidence to talk to site management about periods, and enabling management to deal appropriately with menstruation on sites. Seeing Red recognises that it is not only cis women that menstruate and is open to support all who could be affected by menstruation.

Kenneth Aitchison, CEO of FAME, had this to say about the project, ‘It is amazing to see what Seeing Red has achieved since it was launched a year ago. FAME champions health, safety and hygiene in archaeology and the FAME Board of Directors was pleased to unanimously agree to fund the provision of period packs to all our members’.

Amy Talbot, ‘Until now I have been creating the packs using my own funds and a small anonymous £50 donation, so it was great that FAME stepped forward to help fund the provision of packs to their members who make up so much of the development-led, commercial archaeology sector. I hope even more archaeological organisations will now come forward to provide their staff, students and volunteers with the packs.’

In addition to the period packs, Seeing Red has also produced, a guide, costings and a set of answers to common questions. All of these can be found on the Seeing Red page of the Mentoring for Womxn in Archaeology and Heritage website

If you would like to discuss the Seeing Red initiative or to donate to support their work, please contact Amy at

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