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New archaeological online courses and talks at Sussex School of Archaeology

The Sussex School of Archaeology have a whole new range of online courses and events for the Autumn Term that will help you shake off those seasonal blues! Whether you fancy learning about the Aegean Bronze Age (occasionally) live from Crete, or discovering the fate of The Amsterdam, we’ve got something new for you to discover.

With an array of tutors and speakers on standby to meet you in the comfort of your own home, this autumn looks set to be a cosy and illuminating season.

What’s more, they have some Launch Promotions and online Open Days for you to take advantage of, to help you enjoy our upcoming events.

Of course, if you’d like to meet up with some people in person, you have the chance to meet like-minded archaeologists and historians of all abilities at the next annual Sussex Archaeology Symposium, which will be held in Lewes on Saturday the 9th of October 2021.

Day Courses
Romans in Sussex (10 weeks) ZOOM with Dr David Rudling (£90) Monday mornings 10am-12pm starts 20th September

Evening Courses
Vikings (5 weeks) ZOOM with Dr Judie English (£45)
Tuesday evenings 7-9pm starts 21st September
Victorians (10 weeks) ZOOM with Sarah Tobias (£90)
Wednesday evenings 7-9pm starts 22nd September
Aegean Bronze Age (8 weeks) ZOOM with Sarah Green (£72) Thursday evenings 7-9pm starts 30th September
Food and Feast (5 weeks) ZOOM with Dr Judie English (£45)
Tuesday evenings 7-9pm starts 2nd November

Landscapes of Sussex (One day) ZOOM with Geoffrey Mead (£22.50) Saturday 20th November (10am–4pm)

Launch Promotion!
From now until September the 17th, we are offering a one-off launch promotion on our Autumn Courses.

When you sign up for an online course, we will offer you a Meet the Expert talk for FREE!

Just make your booking on the website at and include the PROMO CODE: LAUNCH

Quick Recap:
Zoom Open Morning with David and Annalie Thursday 9th September 10-11am
Zoom Open Evening with David and Annalie Monday 13th September 7-8pm
Primitive Money and the Origins of Coinage, David Rudling Friday 17th September 7-8pm
Romans in Sussex, David Rudling – course begins Monday 20th September 10am-12pm
Vikings, Judie English – course begins Tuesday 21st September 7-9pm
The Victorian World, Sarah Tobias – course begins Wednesday 22nd September 7-9pm
Aegean Bronze Age, Sarah Green – course begins Thursday 30th September 7-9pm
Five Thousand Years on the Eastbourne Downs, Jo Seaman Monday 4th October 7-9pm
The Wreck of the Amsterdam, 1749, Peter Marsden Friday 15th October 7-9pm
A Shoe up your Chimney?, Janet Pennington Monday 1st November 7-9pm
Food and Feasting, Judie English – course begins Tuesday 2nd November 7-9pm
Prayer, Protection and Personality, Jo Seaman Monday 8th November 7-9pm
Dealing with Poverty in 19th C Sussex, Mary Rudling Monday 15th November 7-9pm
Landscapes of Sussex, Geoffrey Mead – Day School Saturday 20th November 7-9pm
Egyptian Influence on Art Deco, Sarah Tobias Friday 26th November 7-9pm
Maritime Archaeology and the Law, Peter Marsden Friday 3rd December 7-9pm

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