Annual excavation of prehistoric burial cairns, dating from the Neolithic to Iron Age with later settlement in the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval periods at Newbarns, Dumfries and Galloway

Minimum stay is two weeks.

Dates: 29th June – 24th July 2015

24th August – 2nd October 2015

Cost: £45 per week. Accommodation, food, and travel is responsibility of the Volunteer

Volunteers will gain experience in :

* General Excavation
* Planning
* Finds Recording (if anything is found!)

If Resources permit Volunteers will also gain experience in :

* Surveying (use of Dumpy Level, EDM Survey’s and Plane Table Surveying)
* Finds Processing

Local camping sites available. Under 16’s welcome with an adult.

Apply with CV to Liz Penman [] , T 01556 680478

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