Connect Archaeology is a new consortium that brings together three of the leading heritage businesses to design and deliver solutions for large, complex infrastructure programmes.

CFA, AOC and IAC have joined together to bid for future heritage contracts related to large, complex infrastructure projects, such as HS2. Together, they bring together an experienced heritage group ranging across Britain and Ireland. The experienced team of over 200 staff use the latest archaeological techniques and equipment to deliver a heritage package to compete on scale of project and full comprehensive  product delivery.

Over the last decade Connect Archaeology partners have delivered:

  • Over 100 Transport projects completed across England, Scotland, Northern & Southern Ireland & Slovakia
  • Over 600km  of road networks investigated
  • Over 2 million square metres of test trenches excavated
  • Projects up to 64km in length
  • Experience Mobilising & Managing  teams of up to 380 archaeologists
  • Numerous rail projects including: London Underground; Luas Cross City, Dublin; Metro North, Dublin; Redevelopment of Hueston, Tara St. & Connolly Stations, Dublin; Stirling to Kincardine Railway; Waverley Line; Airdrie to Bathgate.
  • Excavations of thousands of burials

They are now offering the complete range of heritage services:

  • Consultancy
  • Fieldwork
  • Historic Building Recording
  • Geophysics
  • Post-excavation
  • Conservation

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