Now, as CIfA, we are halfway through our Strategic Plan (2010-2020), and we still have ambitious aims for the next five years.

To help us develop further, CIfA need to spread the word about professionalism—make sure clients and those we work with know that archaeology is an accredited profession, and that those who work in archaeology understand why being accredited is important.

This March CIfA will be publishing , Professional archaeology, a guide for clients, which aims to tell those working in development that archaeology adds value to industry and society, as well as raising the profile of our members and Registered Organisations.

The messages tied up in this are important and underpin the role of CIfA in championing professionalism in archaeology. Members can help support this message by making sure that those you work with, your clients and colleagues, and those in your community, all understand the importance of professionalism and  that the value that archaeology can add to developments.

How can you help? Below are FIVE ways you can help CIfA grow and develop. Are there one or two things which you feel you could do to help and make it your professional New years resolution for 2015?

  1. Renew your membership and encourage others! Now is the best time of year for non members and those needing to upgrade to sort out applications as they will make the deadline for the 2015 Yearbook and directory of members. Applications would need to be with us by the 9 March, in time for the 31 March meeting
  2. Tell people that you are a member of Chartered body—a status which not only means that the state recognises that archaeology provides public benefit but underlines the Institutes credibility as the professional body representing archaeologists
  3. Update any web inks or information you have to the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists and check post nominals, have you added the ‘C’ for Chartered eg PCIfA, ACIfA and MCIfA?
  4. Get involved—come to conference, attend workshops and networking events. All are great places for members to air their views and talk directly to CIfA volunteers and staff. If you have any spare time, join a committee—our Groups, Committees and Advisory Council are at the forefront of the work CIfA undertakes…
  5. Respond to surveys—snapshot surveys, groups surveys and (later this year) membership survey all contribute to how CIfA develop, feeding your views back to the Advisory Council and Board of Directors