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Do you have an artefact you found while digging your garden, or maybe at the beach or out walking? Do you want to know what it is or how old it is? This is your chance to find out!

We have finds experts at Headland in artefacts of all types and ages, from the Stone Age to the present day. They will be happy to answer any questions and tell you more about your archaeological treasures.

We can also offer advice on what to do with your find as regards the Treasure Act (England & Wales) or Treasure Trove (Scotland).

1. Join the Event and post a picture here of your find with details about where and how you found it, what you know about it and what you want to know about it on the event wall. You can do it at any time before 13th of March.
2. Our Finds specialists will do their best to answer your questions on Thursday and Friday (12th & 13th of March)

• It helps if the finds are clean (a gentle brush with an old toothbrush in cold water is the best way to clean ceramic and stone finds, but anything made of metal is best kept dry).
• We need an idea of the size of your find – you can either tell us how big it is in your post or place something such as a biro or ruler in the photo for scale.
• We can only give advice on finds found in Britain.

We look forward to seeing your discoveries!

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