Included in the display will be finds from Cotswold Archaeology’s recent excavations and historic maps which show how the area has more recently developed.

Excavations are taking place ahead of EDF Energy’s proposed development of a new nuclear power station and began in 2012.

Neil Holbrook will be talking about the archaeology of Hinkley Point at this year’s Current Archaeology Live on 27 February in London.

What Cotswold Archaeology found?

  • A 7th Century cemetery with more than 100 burials
  • Remains of a Roman period stone building used for drying cereal crops
  • Everyday items including pottery, coins and brooches, and fragments of imported pottery
  • Remains of a sunken-floored building which may date to the Sub-Roman period or Dark Ages
  • Evidence of hunters and gatherers, from tiny worked flint tools called microliths, dating back 10,000 years
  • Evidence people lived on and farmed the land during the Iron Age and Roman periods
  • A number of flint tools dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods
  • Two parallel ditches dug from east to west, used to divide land in the Bronze Age
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The exhibition is running at the Museum of Somerset, at Taunton Castle, until 11 April.

Below:  Bob Croft, Somerset County Archaeologist describing some filming taking place at Hinkley Point by Justin Owen. Justin is making a documentary about the archaeological excavations here.