Erasmus + Funded European Archaeology Placements


Grampus Heritage are accepting applications for our 2017 Erasmus + funded placements. We have partners in various EU countries excavating a range of different sites. Our participants will become part of the team and contribute to the hosts 2017 season aims.

There are two projects open to students.

European Archaeology Skills Exchange” EASE, 8 week placements with an Erasmus + grant towards placement costs

Placements in Environmental, Archaeological and Traditional Skills” PEATS, 32 day placements with full Erasmus + funding.

Grampus Heritage have 2 placements available in Cyprus, one working on a Christian Basilica and the other a more survey and archive work based placement, looking for several lost villages near Paphos. Finland will be based at Kierikki Stone Age Centre, working with the team at the site, uncovering houses. Germany will be an opportunity to work with a commercial unit, working on rescue excavations in and around Magdeburg, which is a Medieval city. Romania is a Neolithic settlement site which has so far lead to the discovery of over 120 human remains, all showing unusual mortuary practices and Slovakia will be based on a border town, where 2 Bronze Age sites have been discovered on the same hill, with finds including daggers and animal figurines. More placements are still in discussion.

Learn more and apply:

Contact Joanne Stamper 

Applications open to current students and recent graduates (within 1 year of graduating at the time of placement)