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Early prehistory in South Yorkshire

Archaeological Services WYAS (ASWYAS) staff Alexandra Grassam and Phil Weston have now completed the enhancement of the South Yorkshire Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) relating to Palaeolithic and Mesolithic sites and findspots across the county.

Through interrogation of the existing SMR, analysis of museum collections and the incorporation of data from various gazetteers and databases including the Portable Antiquities Scheme, ASWYAS researchers were able to create 238 new early prehistoric records for the South Yorkshire SMR. This more than doubles the total prior to enhancement and, significantly, identifies early prehistoric activity in previously unrepresented areas of the South Yorkshire landscape.

GIS-based maps have been produced illustrating the results of the study and, with advice from Dr Penny Spikins of the University of York, a new framework of mitigation strategies has been formulated.

The new mitigations will aid the Planning Archaeologists of the South Yorkshire Archaeology Service and beyond in protecting this valuable and finite resource and to ensure sites and findspots are preserved through record.

For further information :  South Yorkshire Archaeology Service Sites and Monument Record

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