Discovering Bromborough Project comes to a close

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After a summer of amazing community archaeology (and equally amazing weather!) the Discovering Bromborough project has now drawn to a close. We are currently busy writing up a report on the archaeology which will be available free online from our website, as well as eventually being accessioned to the Archaeological Data Service. via OASIS.

Wirral archaeology and the community of Bromborough in particular is richer for this project having taken place, which whilst answering many questions about Bromborough’s past, has asked given us even more to ponder!

Here’s what we achieved for £10,000 of Heritage Lottery Fund support:


  • 328 members of the community excavating (318 who had never experienced archaeology before)
  • 1600 hours of community volunteer time
  • 576 hours donated by Big Heritage C.I.C staff
  • £22,240 community volunteer investment value (source: Volunteering England 2013)
  • 45 tonnes of soil excavated
  • 6428 sieve-loads of soil sieved
  • 5272 individual finds discovered, washed, identified and recorded
  • 10 newspaper articles, 2 radio programmes and 1 TV appearance