Diggers’ Forum is run by a small committee of 5 volunteers, most of whom work out on site.  IfA group requirements stipulate a committee must have at least 5 members, but with some long-term DF committee members stepping down, there is a need for new committee members.

Over the last few years the Diggers’ Forum, supported by BAJR and Prospect members, has campaigned from within the Institute for Archaeologists to keep the grade minima and from representation on the Council to aid the increase to the current levels.  Diggers’ Forum worked to ensure sure RO companies paying below minima are inspected properly and quickly and have been instrumental in flagging up poor standards and sub minima employers, work that has increased over the last few months, via a confidential route.

That work is not over by any means and it must continue

As well as pay, Diggers’ Forum have highlighted issues with Zero Hours Contracts, pensions, adverts, travel pay, training, standards and many, many other issues and have always tried to make a positive difference. Diggers’ Forum have achieved more than would be possible without their presence in the IfA  – and for it to end because of a lack of committee members would be a disaster for all field archaeologists.

We urgently need Diggers’ Forum members to stand for election to Committee and to become active in DF. You don’t need to live in London, in fact we would love to hear from members working across the UK.

There are funds available for travel, and we normally discuss things via Skype and email.

Committee work is not onerous, we divide issues and projects between us and you can contribute as much time as you can spare.

We also need members to attend the AGM, which will be held in London in a few weeks. If you can, please come along and join the debate, details will be posted later.

Positive difference to the profession

We have shown that a small group of committed people can make a real and positive difference to the profession, we want that work to continue. Without you, that won’t happen.

Email us at diggers@archaeologists.net to discuss whether you could help out.

If you are interested in helping or potentially joining the committee you can also email Jen at jen.wooding@archaeologists.net who will pass on your information to the DF committee.
Best wishes

Diggers’ Forum Committee

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