CIfA, the professional body for archaeologists in the UK is delighted to have been asked by colleagues in Germany to help promote high professional standards and ethics in archaeological practice and to maximise the benefits that archaeologists bring to society.

CIfA is pleased to announce the formal launch of CIfA Deutschland/Germany Group. A provisional organising committee will manage the affairs of the Group until formal elections at its first AGM in Munich on 12 May 2018.

A letter circulated to members of the group can be found here [German] and here [English].

CIfA’s Honorary Chair, Victoria Hunns MCIfA, said

“This is a very important day for professional archaeology. I am impressed by the enthusiasm our German colleagues have shown for demonstrating their professionalism through accreditation by the Chartered Institute. Accreditation in archaeology is central to what CIfA stands for: it recognises the professionalism of practitioners, improves their careers and attracts new people into archaeology. Importantly, using accredited archaeologists assures clients that the work will meet their needs and the needs of the public. “

Michaela Schauer ACIfA, CIfA Deutschland’s interim Chair said

“German archaeologists have worked very hard to get to this point. Now that the Group is approved, we have a proper structure to operate within, and our first tasks are to elect a committee and formally adopt a constitution. Once we have done that, we – that’s all German archaeologists who want to be part of this project – can plan how CIfA can  help  promote  professionalism  in  archaeology,  and  show  that

German archaeologists add value to industry and to society. We are committed to promoting good practice and sharing knowledge. And we are keen to help our colleagues become accredited by CIfA and so demonstrate their skills in the study and care of the historic environment.”